'Paul Mellia Exhibition : Playboy Club'

22nd March 2013 ~ Ask Men
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Playboy Club London is iconic for myriad reasons. We won't go into most of them here, but the revamped London member's club is carving a fresh niche for itself as one of the capital's leading art exhibitors. Right now, for example, they're showcasing the acclaimed "artist to the stars" Paul Mellia.

The Essex-born 55-year-old has achieved world renown for his pop art superhero characters. Indeed, he's the only artist officially licensed by Marvel to copy its characters.

His inspirations stretch beyond comic books, however, taking in a broad range of popular culture figures and the darker side of human nature. His bawdy, provocative (and often 3D) works have ensured Mellia's status as one of the world's fastest selling artists and seen him gain commissions from folk as diverse as BANKSY and Princess Diana.

Mellia's Ka-Pow! A Hero's Exhibition at the Playboy Club runs until 7 May and afford a rare opportunity to see icons like Superman and Catwoman nestle alongside David Bowie and Ava Gardner in a way that you'll have never seen before. Click on for further evidence of Mellia's enduring appeal...

- Visit www.playboyclublondon.com or www.paulmellia.com for more information'