'KA-POW! Pop Art at The Playboy Club

25th March 2013 ~ Elysium Magazine
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'If the change in seasons has brought out the cultural side of you then perhaps it’s time to indulge the eye with a spot of art. Of course we’re not just talking about any art here. The venue has to be special and the art has to be unique. So let Elysium Magazine introduce you to Paul Mellia’s KA-POW! A Hero’s Exhibition – at London’s iconic Playboy Club.

His work covers an array of popular characters from the past and present. Gorge your creative cravings on artistic portrayals of icons of the calibre of David Bowie, Elvis, Superman, Spider Man and The Joker. Paul is perhaps most famous for his pop art interpretations of superhero characters. He’s one of the select few licensed by Marvel Comics to reproduce characters from the Marvel family. This exhibition certainly showcases many of the icons the discerning gent would expect.

Speaking to Elysium Magazine, Paul talked about the inspiration behind his work, saying: “I was undoubtedly inspired by legendary painters and sculptors such as Rubin, Picasso and Dali. But it was Warhol’s pop art that resonated the deepest with me, which gave me the confidence to focus on what I loved most – images of Americana, that took me back to my childhood.”

Paul added: “I was the first artist licensed by Marvel to paint the super heroes – which was an honour as they had always been hugely inspiring to me – and the Spider Man series was extremely close to my heart – consequently Spider Man was one of the first ‘hero’s’ I painted.”

To tempt you further, there’s a teaser of the gallery on our Facebook page.

Catch KA-POW! now until May 7th at The Playboy Club, 12pm-9pm seven days a week for non-members (24-hour access for members). Admission is free.

For more details visit: www.playboyclublondon.com.'