A1 GP Brands Hatch Magazine

April 2007 ~ 'Paul Mellia Teams up with Team GB'
Paul Mellia teams up with Team Great Britain.

Paul Mellia has joined forces with A1 Team Great Britain to help raise funds for Demelza House Hospice. Paul has created an original piece of work for auction at The Flying Finale Charity Ball to be held at Brands Hatch on Friday 27th April and he is delighted to be assisting Team GBR in their support of this amazing charity.

Paul Mellia has spent the last 30 years creating original artwork in as tyle admired by all who have collected his work. Staying faithful to the original characteristics of his subjects, Paul adds a three-dimensional effect to the finished artwork and that makes the work individual and very special. Paul is currently painting all of the leading teams in A1GP with a ?? of the A1Team South Africaand donated for the Nelson Mandela Foundation (46664) at the recent Durban Race.

Pauls artwork is sought after by some of the world’s highest profile individuals ??? limited edition prints of Pauls ??? work are becoming ?? . You can purchase the Team GB picture and ?? some other of Pauls other work at www.paulmellia.com.'